To get the absolute most out of your vehicle in terms of performance, we recommend booking it in with us for a dyno-tune. We’ll put your vehicle on our rolling road for a baseline performance test of your vehicle. Then we’ll fine tune various settings in your fuel injection and engine management systems in an effort to optimise the efficiency of your engine, before a follow-up run on the rolling road. We’ll complete this process as many times as necessary to draw every last fraction of power from your engine. To find out more about dyno-tuning or to book your vehicle in, give one of our friendly staff a call today!

Cold-Air Intake

Certain aftermarket upgrades to your vehicle make it possible to regulate the temperature of air entering your engine. Colder air, for instance, is denser than warm air, allowing for your engine to take in more oxygen for compressions and generate more power. We can install aftermarket parts into a variety of vehicles to cater for cold-air intake, resulting in improved performance from your engine. To find out whether cold-air intake is the right performance solution for you, give us a call today!

Superchargers & Turbochargers

A supercharger follows the same principles as cold-air intake, in that it increases the level of oxygen in the engine for improved performance. Rather than relying on temperature, a supercharger uses an air compressor to optimise air pressure in the engine. A turbocharger performs the same work using a turbine powered by exhaust gases. We’re able to recommend the right solution for your vehicle from our range of aftermarket superchargers or turbochargers, to draw greater performance from your engine. For more advice on getting the most out of your engine, talk to one of our friendly staff today!

Head & Cam Upgrades

Consistent power delivery from the engine comes from precise timing of compressions from each of your engine’s cylinders. In certain models of vehicles this is controlled by a camshaft, a rod of metal that regulates cams positioned over levers that trigger cylinder compressions. An aftermarket camwheel or camshaft can more precisely regulate power delivery, resulting in optimised performance for your vehicle with minimal risk of engine failure. To find out more about our head and cam upgrades, talk to one of our staff today!

Power Chip

Many modern engines are regulated by electronic management systems and performance chips. We’re able to program these chips to further optimise engine performance and power output. To find out how we can optimise your vehicle’s power chip to maximise performance, give one of our friendly staff a call today!